[NOBUGS] Deadline extension: XLOOP at SC 2021: 3rd Annual Workshop on Extreme-scale Experiment-in-the-Loop Computing

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                          XLOOP Workshop
         At SC 2021 --- November 2021 --- St. Louis, USA

Continued advances in computational power and high-speed networking is
enabling a new model of scientific experiment, experiment-in-the-loop
computing (EILC).  In this model, high-end computing systems are closely
coupled to experimental and observational infrastructure, and the two
interact to drive a deeper understanding of physical phenomena. At the
same time, advances and widespread adoption of machine learning enables
new ways to register and use experimental data.

Several research and development challenges are posed by this
multifaceted paradigm, many of which are independent of the particular
scientific application domain.  New algorithms to integrate simulation
outputs and experimental data sets must be developed. High performance
data management and transfer techniques must be developed to manage and
manipulate simulated and observed data sets.  Workflows must be
constructed with high levels of usability and understandability to
enable scientific post-analysis and improvement of the computing solution.

The Workshop on Experiment-in-the-Loop Computing (XLOOP 2021) will be a
unique opportunity to promote this cross-cutting, interdisciplinary
topic area.  We invite papers, presentations, and participants from
the physical and computer sciences, and encourage the sharing of
ideas from across these domains to find common solutions and
technologies to make rapid progress in EILC, so that many application
areas can easily adopt these methods.

As in past years, XLOOP 2021 will pursue proceedings publication

Previous years' proceedings may be found here:
2020: https://www.computer.org/csdl/proceedings/xloop/2020/1pZ0UawOMkU
2019: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/conhome/8938158/proceeding

== Topics ==

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

* Machine learning applications in simulation or experiment control
* Case studies in EILC applications and solutions
* Data transfer techniques and technologies
* In situ analysis methods and tools relevant to experiment data
* Simulation and experiment validation methods and tools
* Workflow technologies to manage computation and experiment couplings
* Advanced systems architecture for EILC applications
* High-performance I/O methods and libraries
* Data integration and assimilation algorithms and technologies
* Performance evaluation in EILC applications and solutions
* Cyberinfrastructure and "big science" planning and reporting
* Portable solutions for reproducible, transferable experiments

== Paper Submission ==

Please submit novel papers with up to 6 pages in IEEE style via the SC
submissions site. Deadlines are:

Submissions due:       17 September 2021
Author notification:   30 September 2021

Templates may be found at the workshop web site.

Reproducibility: XLOOP participates in the reproducibility initiative.
Reproducibility data does not count against the XLOOP page requirement.
   Details about this data are available at the XLOOP web site.

== Organization ==


Justin M Wozniak             Argonne National Laboratory
Nicholas Schwarz             Argonne National Laboratory

Contact us at xloop-chairs at lists.dsl.anl.gov  .

Steering committee:

Debbie Bard                  National Energy Research Scientific
Computing Center
Eli Dart                     ESNet
Mallikarjun (Arjun) Shankar  Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Christine Sweeney            Los Alamos National Laboratory
Venkatram Vishwanath         Argonne National Laboratory

Program committee:

Tekin Bicer                  Argonne National Laboratory
Stuart Campbell              Brookhaven National Laboratory
Rudolph Dimper               European Synchrotron Radiation Facility
Geoffrey Fox                 Indiana University
Alex Hexemer                 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Tony Hey                     Science and Technology Facilities Council
Shantenu Jha                 Brookhaven National Laboratory
Bojan Nikolic                Square Kilometer Array, Cambridge
Marc F. Paterno              Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Amedeo Perazzo               SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Thomas E. Proffen            Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Lavanya Ramakrishnan         Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Tobias Richter               European Spallation Source
Jana Thayer                  SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Thomas D. Uram               Argonne National Laboratory

Justin M Wozniak
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