[NOBUGS] New Release of Mantid 5.1, September 2020

Moore, Lamar (STFC,RAL,ISIS) lamar.moore at stfc.ac.uk
Tue Sep 29 19:06:22 BST 2020

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[https://docs.mantidproject.org/nightly/_images/ReleaseNotes_v5_1_Main.png]We are proud to announce version 5.1.0 of Mantid.

MantidWorkbench<https://docs.mantidproject.org/nightly/release/v5.1.0/mantidworkbench.html> is replacing MantidPlot. While MantidPlot<https://docs.mantidproject.org/nightly/release/v5.1.0/mantidplot.html> is still fully functional for this release, MantidPlot will not be included in future releases.

Sliceviewer<https://docs.mantidproject.org/nightly/release/v5.1.0/sliceviewer.html> has been majorly updated this release, with advanced features for peak finding in Single Crystal Diffraction data. On top of this, taking slices of data is now possible and there is an interactive data table last seen in the Spectrum Viewer in MantidPlot.

Workbench now also supports 3D and Advanced plotting!

Check out the brand new DrILL interface<https://docs.mantidproject.org/nightly/interfaces/DrILL.html#drill-ref> for Workbench, that currently supports SANS and Reflectometry at ILL. There have also been many upgrades to our existing interfaces, such as providing background subtraction for ISIS Reflectometry and significant speed up for the Muon and Indirect interfaces.

These are just some of the many improvements in this release, so please take a look at the release notes, which are filled with details of the important changes and improvements in many areas. The development team has put a great effort into making all of these improvements within Mantid, and we would like to thank all of our beta testers for their time and effort helping us to make this another reliable version of Mantid.
Throughout the Mantid project we put a lot of effort into ensuring Mantid is a robust and reliable product. Thank you to everyone that has reported any issues to us. Please keep on reporting any problems you have, or crashes that occur on our forum<https://forum.mantidproject.org/>.
Installation packages can be found on our download page<https://download.mantidproject.org/> which now links to sourceforge to mirror our download files around the world. You can also access the source code on GitHub release page<https://github.com/mantidproject/mantid/releases/tag/v5.1.0>.

Installation at ISIS
We understand that this release falls within a running cycle for ISIS, and we do not want this to cause any disruption for ongoing experiments.  Therefore we have delayed the automatic updates of Mantid for iDAaaS and cabin based RHEL computers until after the current cycle has completed.  The new version will be available as the "Nightly" on iDAaaS, but the full version will remain at 5.0.0 until the current cycle completes.

On behalf of the Data Reduction Team
Dr Lamar Moore
ISIS Scientific Software Group Leader
Science and Technology Facilities Council
lamar.moore at stfc.ac.uk<mailto:lamar.moore at stfc.ac.uk>

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