[NOBUGS] Mantid 3.12.1 Patch Release

Nick Draper - UKRI STFC nick.draper at stfc.ac.uk
Mon Apr 23 16:02:53 BST 2018


Our most recent release of Mantid, v3.12.0, required an update due fix to some issues with the Muon Data Analysis interface. We have put together a patch release to address these issues and few others and we are pleased to announce that this is now available.

The main changes are:

  *   Several fixes to the Muon Analysis GUI, including to the results table and fit menu.
  *   Several issues which caused Mantid to crash have been fixed.
  *   Allowing the live listener functionality to be used outside ISIS and from the python API.
  *   Fixing the header for TOPAS files.
  *   Removed the old version 1 of ReflectometryReductionOne and ReflectometryReductionOneAuto

Installation packages can be found at http://download.mantidproject.org<http://download.mantidproject.org/>  and the details of what is contained in the patch can be found at http://docs.mantidproject.org/v3.12.1/release/v3.12.1/index.html

Nick Draper

Mantid Project Manager
Tel: +44 (0)1235 567212

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