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Dear All,

We are emailing to invite those registered for the above workshop to provide us with your specific problem areas and issues. The format of the workshop<https://indico.esss.lu.se/event/357/page/11>  will be a discussion/presentation of any problem areas which need to be solved using Mantid followed by focus groups designed to tackle these issues. A few possible examples which would make good candidates include:

*        Python algorithms which need to be converted to Mantid Algorithms.

*        Clear well-defined scientific problems for which the data reduction/analysis mechanism within mantid may not be obvious.

*        Custom GUI Interfaces for existing Mantid Algorithms which may be useful at your facility.

*        Your custom algorithms which may require performance optimisations (e.g, algorithms which are very slow).

Due to limitations in time and the number of developers available for the workshop, we may not be in a position to tackle all of the problems we receive. We will therefore prioritise problems according to time constraints and suitability to the workshop.

Issues can be sent to us directly via email to samuel.jackson at stfc.ac.uk<mailto:samuel.jackson at stfc.ac.uk>. You can also use this opportunity to discuss your problem area before the workshop.


The Mantid Team


Lamar Moore BSc(Hons), MSc
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