Abdul Aziz B. Mohamed, Dr aziz_mohd at nuclearmalaysia.gov.my
Thu Dec 10 09:28:23 GMT 2009

Dear Paul 

Congratulations! We will try to contribute as our to utilise the software in our neutron beam work in Malaysia. 

Thank you. 

Dr Abdul Aziz Bin Mohamed 
Senior Research Officer 
Malaysian Nuclear Agency (Nuclear Malaysia), Bangi 
43000 Kajang, Selangor 

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Dear Paul, 

This is great news! Congratulations. 

We here at the Bragg Institute look forward to utilising and 
contributing to the GDA project, and wish you and the GDA team all the 


Nick Hauser 
Bragg Institute, Building 82 
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> Subject: GDA goes Open Source 
> "GDA goes open source" 
> www.opengda.org 
> It is with great pleasure that we announce the making of our core Data 
> Acquisition framework "Open Source". The GDA project is an open-source 
> framework for creating customized data acquisition software 
> for science 
> facilities such as neutron and x-ray <http://www.lightsources.org/> 
> sources. It includes in addition some complementary 
> pre-release analysis 
> and visualization software from the analysis team. 
> We hope that this may be of use in other facilities and, ideally, that 
> we may be able to profit from the value that you may 
> contribute. Please 
> consult the website www.opengda.org <http://www.opengda.org/> for the 
> latest information but we list below briefly some of the 
> features of the 
> software: 
> GDA was initially developed at SRS Daresbury <http://www.srs.ac.uk/> 
> but since 2003 it has been adopted by Diamond Light Source 
> <http://diamond.ac.uk/> who took over as the principal developer. 
> The software is released under the GPLv3. 
> * Eclipse RCP graphical interface (there is a Swing interface 
> which is being phased out) 
> * Embedded Jython interpreter for scripting and command-line 
> control 
> * Control system agnostic: internal interfaces in the code enable 
> the control system(s) that operate individual pieces of hardware to be 
> abstracted from the rest of the code. 
> * Diffcalc <http://www.opengda.org/OpenGDA/About/Diffcalc.html> 
> for diffractometer control in reciprical lattice space. 
> * Distributed design: multiple object servers representing 
> hardware communicating with multiple clients via CORBA 
> * Role-based access control to restrict users operations on 
> hardware where necessary 
> * Baton control: multiple client GUIs may run at the same time on 
> each beamline with control managed by a baton passed between them. 
> * Nexus <http://www.nexusformat.org/> data file format. Other 
> formats are used and may be implemented, but the code is optimised for 
> the Nexus format. 
> * Nexus data file viewer within the GDA client. 
> * Online data analysis and visualisation 
> The Diamond Light Source 
> Data Acquisition and Scientific Computing teams 
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> software viruses which may be transmitted in or with the message. 
> Diamond Light Source Limited (company no. 4375679). 
> Registered in England and Wales with its registered office at 
> Diamond House, Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, Didcot, 
> Oxfordshire, OX11 0DE, United Kingdom 
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