[NOBUGS] Mantid: Version 6.4.0 is now available

Martyn Gigg - STFC UKRI martyn.gigg at stfc.ac.uk
Tue Jun 21 14:02:45 BST 2022


We are proud to announce version 6.4.0 of Mantid is now available. Installation packages can be found on our download page<https://download.mantidproject.org/>. You can also access the source code on the GitHub release page<https://github.com/mantidproject/mantid/releases/tag/v6.4.0>.

Packaging & Installation

As advertised in v6.3.0 we have reworked our installer packages for this release. Changes include:

   - Windows and macOS packages are now named MantidWorkbench-6.4.0 with the appropriate extension. Other than this they are used in the same manner.
    - A new linux tarball ,``mantidworkbench-6.4.0.tar.xz``, now supports many Linux distributions and should work on any 2010+ distribution. This can simply be unpacked with `tar xJf  mantidworkbench-6.4.0.tar.xz ` and can reside anywhere without requiring root privileges.

Last Release of .rpm and .deb

This release will be the last time we provide an .rpm for Red Hat and a .deb for Ubuntu. The new Linux tarball provided above will work on both of these systems and has the advantage of not being tied to ancient system libraries that have held up internal updates. The new tarball can also be extracted and run anywhere, so does not require root permissions to install.

Please take a look at the release notes<https://docs.mantidproject.org/v6.4.0/release/v6.4.0/index.html>, which are filled with details of all of the changes and improvements in many other areas. The development team has put a great effort into making all of these improvements and we would like to thank all of our beta testers for their time and effort helping us to make this another reliable version. Thank you to everyone that has reported any issues to us and please keep on reporting any problems you have on our forum<https://forum.mantidproject.org/> or by email on mantid-help at mantidproject.org<http://mantid-help@mantidproject.org>.

Installation on IDAaaS at ISIS: The version will remain pinned at whatever version you are using. Please contact support at analysis.stfc.ac.uk<mailto:support at analysis.stfc.ac.uk> to arrange for the environment for your group to be updated at a convenient time.

Kind regards,

Mantid Development Team

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