[NOBUGS] PSI (Switzerland) Science IT Vacancies

Ashton Alun (PSI) alun.ashton at psi.ch
Mon Aug 9 09:35:46 BST 2021

We have a number of roles in the newly created Science IT Infrastructure and Services Department in PSI. The department is part of a new a research division (Scientific Computing, Theory and Data<https://www.psi.ch/en/media/our-research/new-research-division-at-psi-points-to-the-future-of-data>) which was launched as a collaboration with EPFL on the 1st of July.

The SLS2.0 Software Development Team are looking for someone to join us and develop data analysis solutions targeting both on-premises and cloud-based High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters.
Role: Software Scientist / Data Analysis Services (SLS 2.0).
Closing Date: 5 September 2021.

For the Core Linux Research Services Group we are looking for:
Role: Group Leader: Core Linux Research Services.
Closing Date: Applicants reviewed as received.

Roles: 2 x Linux Engineer / System Engineer.
Closing Date: Applicants reviewed as received.

Further information on the roles are available on the links or just drop me a line!
Dr Alun Ashton
Head of Science IT Infrastructure and Services (AWI) Department
Paul Scherrer Institut

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