[NOBUGS] New Patch Release of Mantid: 5.1.1

Gigg, Martyn (STFC,RAL,ISIS) martyn.gigg at stfc.ac.uk
Fri Oct 23 17:09:44 BST 2020

We would like to announce a patch release, 5.1.1, of Mantid to correct some issues discovered in the recent 5.1.0 release.

The main issues fixed are:

  *   a bug in the Muon interface that lead the error reporter to repeatedly appearing when incrementing
the run number with sequential fitting enabled has been fixed
  *   a bug in the Muon interface that lead to error bars being lost on fitted data has been fixed
  *   fixed a bug where import CaChannel would cause a hard crash within MantidWorkbench on Linux
  *   updated the ISIS Reflectometry live data monitor to work with new instrument PV names
  *   corrected the table value for a partially invalid, filtered log, with only one remaining entry
  *   fixed a bug where Muon Analysis would crash when using default grouping with no runs
  *   fixed an unhandled exception when marking columns in a table workspace for plotting or deleting rows
from a PeaksWorkspace
  *   updated ALC documentation to clarify instrument used for data loading
  *   avoid error reporter on entering comma in scale box in MSlice

Installation packages can be found on our download page<https://download.mantidproject.org/> and in the usual repositories. You can also access the source code on GitHub release page<https://github.com/mantidproject/mantid/releases/tag/v5.1.1>.

Please keep on reporting any problems you have, or crashes that occur on our forum<https://forum.mantidproject.org/>.

Installation at ISIS on IDAaaS & Cabin Machines

This release will not automatically update on IDAaaS or cabin PCs. This will be arranged a short while after the cycle is over. If you would like the version updated on IDAaaS then please contact us on mantid-help at mantidproject.org.


Mantid Team,

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