[NOBUGS] The official McStas 2.1 release is finally out!

Peter Kjær Willendrup pkwi at fysik.dtu.dk
Mon Sep 15 11:04:31 BST 2014

Dear all,

Aiming at solving a couple of possible installation glitches on Windows 7 and later Windows systems, the installation
executable for Windows has been re-uploaded and split in two parts, available for download at


a) Please install the strawberry Perl msi installer completely before attempting to install the McStas bundle
b) Please install the McStas bundle using “install as administrator” (right click the file)

Best, and sorry for any inconvenience caused!

Peter Willendrup

Peter Kjær Willendrup
Senior Research Engineer, Special Advisor

DTU Physics

Technical University of Denmark

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Department of Physics

Building 307

DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby

Direct +45 2125 4612

Mobil +45 2125 4612
Fax +45 4593 2399

pkwi at fysik.dtu.dk<mailto:pkwi at fysik.dtu.dk>

On 12 Sep 2014, at 21:20 , Peter Kjær Willendrup <pkwi at fysik.dtu.dk<mailto:pkwi at fysik.dtu.dk>> wrote:

Hello all,

The McStas team is finally ready with McStas 2.1 - packages are released and ready for download via http://downloads.mcstas.org/mcstas-2.1 !

A list of  selected, important highligts from the release are listed below the email siganture. For the full list of changes, please consult the CHANGES document at http://www.mcstas.org/CHANGES_McStas.

The McStas team wish you all the best and happy simulating!

Peter Willendrup

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