[NOBUGS] New Release of Mantid 3.2, July 2014

nick.draper at stfc.ac.uk nick.draper at stfc.ac.uk
Mon Jul 14 10:59:41 BST 2014

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This release sees the inclusion some of the requests raised by the Scientific Steering Committee back in January. We have made major improvements to the documentation in this release with a cleaner and more accessible website, better offline help, and improvements to the algorithm and fit function descriptions. We have also made a real step to making our workflow algorithms much less of a "black box", you can now unroll the history of any workflow algorithm to see the steps it performed, and script these out in case you want to make changes. We have also been working to make splitting on fast logs possible, and further improving our 1D and 2D plots, and we have introduced the new tiled graph window for the first time in this release.
All of these changes are significant, but only form a few headline points in one of the largest releases in the history of the Mantid project, so please take a look at the release notes as this version is packed with important changes and improvements in many areas. The whole development team has put a great effort into making all of these improvements within Mantid and there are plenty more to come in future versions, this release was the first with a longer and wider beta testing program, and we would like to thank all of our beta testers for their time and effort helping us to make this a really solid version of Mantid.
Details of what is available is the release are http://www.mantidproject.org/Release_Notes_3.2

The new version is now available in the download area http://download.mantidproject.org, you can also download the source code from the same page or access it on GitHub<http://github.com/mantidproject/mantid/tree/v3.1>.

Nick Draper

Mantid Project Manager<http://www.mantidproject.org/>
Tel: +44 (0)1235 567212
Skype: nicholas_draper
RAL, R3, G16

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