[NOBUGS] New McStas release: 1.12c

Peter Willendrup pkwi at risoe.dtu.dk
Tue May 24 14:28:20 BST 2011

Hello everyone,

A reasonably serious bug in our rectangular focusing routine was identified by several McStas users and has now been corrected. We felt that this warranted an update of the stable McStas release, meaning a new 1.12c release.

The 1.12c release is available now from http://www.mcstas.org/download.

A complete liste of changes is available at http://www.mcstas.org/download/src/CHANGES

For those of you looking forward to the 2.0 release, all required new functionality has been implemented, but documentation is still lacking. The 2.0 release will become officially available once the documentation has been updated, hopefully fall 2011.

Regards on behalf of the McStas team,

Peter Willendrup

Peter Willendrup - Development engineer

Materials Research Division
Frederiksborgvej 399
DK-4000 Roskilde

Tlf.: (+45) 4677 5862
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Email: pkwi at risoe.dtu.dk

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