[NOBUGS] SoftwareExchange:LinuxDrivers: VME Linux 2.6 @ blissgarden.org

Alejandro Homs Puron ahoms at esrf.fr
Fri Apr 24 15:18:39 BST 2009

Dear all,

As agreed in NOBUGS-2008, we have just published the current state of 
the VME Linux 2.6 device drivers for external access. The is described 
in the NOBUGS wiki page:


The BLISS group of the ESRF has created a web site:


with the aim of sharing the developement of projects with different 
research institutes. Among the available projects, you will find the 


It currently includes the latest versions of the driver codes developed 
at the ESRF. They are available for download (in source tar.gz balls), 
and a documentation is expected soon.

In case you have some questions and/or comments, do not hesitate to 
contact us.

Kind regards


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