[NOBUGS] registration and reception [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

NELSON, Ronald rnn at ansto.gov.au
Tue Sep 30 04:27:57 BST 2008

With the greater than anticipated participation in the NOBUGS2008
conference comes some flexibility in the conference amenities.
Consequently we would like to announce that on Sunday 2 November at 6 PM
there will be an opportunity for early registration at the Rydges Hotel.
This will be followed by a reception at 7PM. We anticipate that both
will take place on the first floor where our sessions will be held for
the balance of the conference.


We want to advise you of this opportunity so that your travel plans
might enable you to join us there.




Ron Nelson

ronald.nelson at ansto.gov.au

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

+61 2 9717 3601



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