[NOBUGS] web remote instrument control summary

Kirilov A.S. akirilov at nf.jinr.ru
Wed May 16 12:06:09 BST 2007

Dear colleagues,


The topic of using web technologies for remote experiment control/supervising was quite popular at NOBUGS presentations. I would like to summarize the current situation in this area. Unfortunately, some reports do not accessible. Besides life is going on:

Thus I would like to ask you for help. Could you, please, respond me on approaches, systems, etc. known to you. I am interesting in any information including general ideas, concrete mechanisms and details of implementation as well as user impressions, commission problems, etc.? 


In particular,


1. [OS+webserver] What OS and what web-server are used? I guess that Linux/Unix + Apache are most popular couple. Is there anybody who applies Windows + IIS or Windows + Apache? Is there any other possibilities?


2. [Control vs. Supervising] Are there any difficulties in implementation web remote control systems compared with web supervising systems? It is seems that it is easier to prevent unauthorized access in case of supervising though the user wants control access more often. Should the web remote control be full or restricted? How protection against unauthorized access is provided (by OS, etc.)?


3. What kind of information is accessible to the external user? How communication between measuring system and web-server is organized? What protocols or mechanisms are used to transfer commands, files, etc.?


4. What language is used for programming dynamic web-pages (php, java-script, etc.)


5. How many instruments are served by the web-site? How long time the system is in operation?


I shall be glad to share the summary with all interested persons.


With best regards,


Andrei Kirilov.
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