[NOBUGS] NOBUGS WWW - site Announcement

Mark Koennecke Mark.Koennecke at psi.ch
Tue Jan 30 23:02:34 GMT 2007


   as discussed on NOBUGS 2006 we have now registered a domain name for
   NOBUGS and have set up a WWW-site. This site is at:


   This WWW-site comes in the form of a wiki in order to facilitate
   collaboration on this site. I have put up some initial content there
   including a draft constitution for the NOBUGS International
   Organising Committee (NIOC). The main pages of the NOBUGS wiki can
   only be edited by members of the NIOC.

   On the wiki pages under the main menu entry discussion anyone can
   file comments, requests etc. after obtaining a account. Accounts
   can be obtained by registering through the WWW-interface. As a
   further means of communication a NOBUGS mailing list was set up:

                       nobugs at nobugsconference.org

   This list was populated from the mailing lists of the NOBUGS 2004
   and 2006 conferences.  You can subscribe to and unsubscribe from
   this list through the WWW-interface on the wiki.

   I hope all this will help us to stay in touch between conferences.

   On behalf of the NIOC I thank ISIS and especially Freddy Akeroyd
   for registering the domain and setting up all the infrastructure.

                 Best Regards,

                       Mark Koennecke

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